Execute your Strategies with Confidence - Align, Architect, Execute

We help our clients realize their business strategies using an end-to-end approach known as Virtually Managed Software®.

The Execution Challenge

When faced with various barriers to their strategy realization, our clients look to our ability to work with them to organize and deliver a plan of action to overcome these challenges and get the results they want. Complexity has exploded in every quarter of business operations, largely manifesting itself in the difficulty to change the enterprise as desired. Stakeholders often disagree on the causes of issues arising in their environment and seek a superior approach and competent help to identify root causes leading to correct solutions. Organizations wishing to prevent such issues and launch their organization to a better performing state can benefit from our services.

Our Company

VMSOFT is a Kansas Corporation, organized into the following "integrals" to focus on the entire range of client needs to enable their value chain to perform well. Each of these "integrals" is focused on its mission to create value through innovation, quality and scale. We deploy the mantra of "Creativity, Diversity and Consistency" to achieve sustainable performance through a balanced approach that selects the right mix of these qualities to accomplish the client's mission.

  • Consulting Services - Providing end-to-end Strategies and Solutions using Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture and Strategy Alignment and Execution.
  • Staffing Services - Providing staff in several competencies ranging from technology and management.
  • Project Execution - Providing US based software development and project execution.

Our Accomplishments

We have wowed our clients consistently. We have successfully deployed complete systems and solutions into production, developed business architectures to achieve operational strategies and executed the full range of enterprise architecture activities for large enterprises to realize their strategies.

  • Executed Authentication and Authorization Strategy - Architecture, Design and Development of an Authorization Service for a Federal Government Agency (n-Link)
  • Aligned Architecture, Design and Development practices across an organization to support several projects running in parallel (n-Link)
  • Assisted client in enforcing Architecture Standards through Implementation Governance at a Federal Agency (n-Link)
  • Executed multiple-year Business Transformation strategy - Planning, Architecture, Design and Development Management for a major Federal Government Program (TCA)
  • Developed Architecture Guidance for handling Non-Functional Requirements across the life cycle for a Fortune 50 financial services company (STA Group)
  • Special Project to identify architecture repository pain-points and facilitate strategic plan for resolution - for a Fortune 50 financial services company (STA Group)
  • Strategy Execution for a large scale Business Transformation Program across portfolios for a Fortune 50 financial services company (STA Group)
  • Customer Experience driven Business Architecture to address specific strategic areas having major positive impact across the client organization. (STA Group)
  • Competency Model for Business Architecture practice in the organization and relationship to maturity model for a Fortune 50 financial services company. (STA Group)

For More

To learn more, please contact us to schedule a presentation. If you are a professional and seeking employment opportunities, please visit the careers page.

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