Testing Services

Let us face it - we find problems in production that we could have tested for. Contrary to popular belief, the ability to test effectively is not actually requirements driven, but is customer centric. Employing the customer perspective dramatically changes the outcome.

Enter Virtually Managed Software(R).

Testing proves to be the most challenging aspect of service delivery - the time it takes to develop a solution is long enough that testing is left with no time to get done completely. Besides the requirements are never complete, so testing based on requirements is obviously inadequate. Then you have the data islands, service fragments and functional coupling that never ends.

Further, the cost of maintaining the variety of testing environments to accomplish comprehensive testing - functional and qualitative appears prohibitive. To ensure the complete reliability of a service before delivery is deemed economically infeasible. Therefore, exchanging the cost of testing for lower labor costs seems consequential to the array of constant problems presenting themselves during the development and delivery life cycle.

Not with VMSOFT.

VMSOFT delivers comprehensive testing - right in your organization without jumping to outsourcing as your only alternative. Do not substitute your current maturity with prospective maturity that will never materialize. If you are an organization based in the US, let us talk confidentially and change your outcomes.