Unique capabilities to virtualize experiences.

Automation without extra effort, cloud based solutions, natural and direct expression for wider impact.


You are still in control.


Software is the asset that performs.

Yet, each new capability should not always require a new project, investment or headache.


Capabilities Based

Multi-level capability models enable focus and organization wide alignment.

Hierarchical categories enable performance measurement and analytics.

Image for Model Based, not Driven concept

Model Based not Model Driven

Models guide the process.

Models cannot exclusively drive results.

Models are essential.

Image for Virtually Managed Backlog

Unified Agility

Agility supposes ability to respond and act.

Unified Agility emphasizes the capabilities necessary to achieve agility.

Singular View of all items to concentrate work.

Balanced Portfolio Image

Balanced Portfolio

Maintain a balanced portfolio to elevate performance, meet strategic and tactical goals. Practices such as Application Portfolio analysis and rationalization are achieved through capabilities of applications to be composed and retired as needed.

Image for unlocked, Managed Data

Data Unlocked

Data is available and visible at scale to safely and securely support each process as needed.

Image for Qualities Achieved (700px/400px)

Qualities Achieved

Achieve qualities such as functionality, security, accessibility with predefined virtual implementations to maintain the central quality while allowing variance in permitted factors.

Product Features

The Virtual Modern Application includes:

Core Business Models - such as Data Models, Process Models, etc.

  • Integrated Data and Process
  • Reactivity and event response
  • Uniform Rules based validation
  • Contextual Adaptation
  • Less effort to secure returns

A continuum of types, categories and values shapes the result that can be used to enable capabilities and achieve modernization..

Image for Virtual Modern Application features.

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